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About us

Under extraordinary circumstances, new technology emerges that can change and improve our lives. When the possibility of physical encounters became severely limited during the pandemic, our vision was born: to enable human encounters in an innovative way. That’s how we launched Amibotic, an innovative tech company with the goal of increasing communication through robotics.

Amibotic strives to improve meetings in schools, healthcare, elderly care and companies. We want to combine technology with humanity, thus ami, which originates from the words for friendship in the Latin languages, and botic for robotics.
Amibotic's first robots were delivered to nursing homes and seniors during Christmas 2020 to open up their homes to loved ones in a safe way. Relatives can control Ohmni® themselves and thus celebrate holidays together with their elderly.

Our technology now opens up new opportunities in the education sector. Now students who do not have the physical opportunity to attend can instead control Ohmni® in the classroom to participate in the teaching.

We in the corporate world also long to stretch our legs and experience a life outside of remote working in pajama pants. With Ohmni® we can step into the office to sit in on the meeting, have coffee with colleagues or present at a conference from the comfort of our own home.

We’re taking a further step into future technologies where your imagination is the limit. With Ohmni®, we can overcome physical thresholds, open up doors and create new encounters between people.

Nyheter från oss

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